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HSSE Policy

The health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and those who may be affected by our operations is an integral part of our business. Our goal is zero harm to people and the environment. 

We endeavour to create a culture where people believe it is possible to work safely, without injury, illness or polluting the environment regardless of where they work or the task that they undertake. We recognise that health, safety, security and environmental management responsibility is of equal importance to the other objectives of the business. 

Every individual has the obligation to stop a job or act if s/he considers the risks involved to be unacceptable. 

Gardline is committed to a system of health, safety, security and environmental management based on a common understanding of risks and how to control them. We will engage the support of our employees and contractors, identify risks arising from our work and eliminate or reduce them to as low as reasonably practicable, striving for HSSE excellence. 

Health, safety, security and environmental protection is everyone's responsibility, and a prime responsibility of all levels of management and supervision. Gardline's operating companies will conduct their operations in accordance with Gardline policy and the management system will enable them to take an appropriate proactive approach towards our goal of zero harm.

Each operating company will achieve this by:

  • Compliance, as a minimum, with all applicable legislation, Gardline policy and requirements.
  • Setting, monitoring and review of health, safety, security and environmental objectives and targets.
  • Clearly defining health, safety, security and environmental roles and responsibilities.
  • Implementing and continuously improving an occupational risk management system consistent with Gardline standards.
  • Providing suitable and sufficient occupational health, safety, security and environmental information, instruction and training to enable all staff to carry out their jobs competently.
  • Selection and monitoring of competent contractors to ensure appropriate Gardline standards are achieved.
  • Reviewing the management system and policy to ensure their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Continual and effective improvement of Health and Safety performance.

We will provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and will ensure it is properly communicated and understood.

Gardline is an industry leader in best, safe practice. Gardline's aim is to encourage involvement in a culture where employees and managers are aware of their individual health, safety, security and environmental responsibilities and are actively engaged and committed to improving standards and meeting our goal of zero harm. 

Policy and Objectives - Environmental Management System (EMS)

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