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Unlcos 76 and EEZ Surveys


We have extensive experience undertaking a wide range of hydrographic, geophysical and environmental surveys for Government sponsored mapping programmes, both in the UK and overseas. Our vessels are equipped with the latest hull-mounted multibeam echo-sounder technology and peripheral sensors. All are capable of performing a range of geophysical, environmental and geotechnical tasks from a single platform on a integrated basis. 

Nautical Charting

Hydrographic surveys principally to update national nautical charting in accordance with IMO SOLAS Chapter 5 and IHO S-44 requirements, Gardline has contributed to UK's Civil Hydrography Programme since 1982, surveying in excess of 100,000km2 of seabed on the UK continental shelf. 

UNCLOS Requirements

Using dedicated vessels equipped with deep water survey systems, we undertake data acquisition campaigns to meet United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 76 (UNCLOS) requirements. These campaigns are used for Continental Shelf delimitnation and investigations often require us to gather bathymetric and seismic geophysical data in water over 4,000 metres deep. 

Habitat Mapping

Seabed mapping and sampling programmes have been undertaken by Gardline in UK waters in support of planned Marine Protected Areas and Maritime Conservation Zones and EIA applications for planned aggregate extraction areas. Activities include high resolution bathymetric, side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling, environmental sediment sampling, benthic trawls and seabed photography. 

Marine Scientific Advice

We act as marine scientific advisors to Government departments and agenices covering marine and coastal ecology and biodiversity, fisheries, mammals and wildlife and marine chemistry. This includes reviewing licence and consent documents for regulators and advising on standards and regulatory approaches. 

Marine Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

Our team of regulatory specialists have provided expert advice to Government organisations on emerging policy and regulatory initiatives such as marine spatial planning. 

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