Gardline can provide weather forecasting services on a site-specific basis for clients worldwide, accessible through our secure, in-house developed, real-time web portal providing customers with readily accessible and downloadable site data. 

A variety of meteorological techniques

Gardline maintains a variety of meteorological sensors, from individual instruments to full met stations and towers. We install, maintain and deliver real-time met data at sites worldwide, using a variety of techniques including traditional mechanical sensors, ultrasonic, Sodar and Lidar. Alert forecasts can also be provided for specific condition thresholds appropriate to operational needs.

Hindcasts and forecasts

We routinely install 10m met-towers, with a capability for 50m-plus masts through specialist partner companies. Our systems are at work both onshore and offshore. We can provide location-specific hindcasts or dedicated area forecasts, helping developers and operators to plan safe field operations.

Forecasting services include:

  • Wind and wave data from high resolution models
  • Online password-protected access to current and forecast weather/wave conditions
  • Telephone and video-conference support for critical operations
  • Standard and bespoke service provision
  • Training courses in meteorology
  • Weather forecasts are sourced from a 3rd party. 

Specific to the offshore wind energy industry, we currently provide research collaboration into:

  • Power output prediction through statistical data mining
  • Modelling of sea-breeze contribution to coastal wind energy
  • Analyses of historical and future climatological trends in wind resource
  • Dynamic modelling of extreme wind speed events

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