Unclos and EEZ Surveys

Gardline has acquired significant experience in design and acquisition of survey data necessary to meet United Nations Law of the Sea Article 76 (UNCLOS) claims for extended continental shelf and delimitation.

The Company has invested in state of the art equipment including ocean depth swathe bathymetry systems and large capacity seismic arrays. Various 2D seismic configurations have been developed, both high resolution and high volume, to map sedimentary basement objectives. Several of its vessels have been specially adapted to enable simultaneous acquisition of multiple sensors to maximise productivity and advance the schedule. This includes full onboard data processing and delivery of data to clients at demobilisation if required. 

Gardline has acquired significant experience since 1999 undertaking UNCLOS surveys for twelve coastal states in excess of 1,000,000km2 of seabed has been surveyed in water depths exceeding 4,500 meters. 

Article 76 specifications require specialist techniques to address the hydrographic ans geophysical requirements in deep water environments, including the following activities:

  • Swathe bathymetry for identification and mapping of the 2500 meter isobath, foot of slope and ocean/continent transition. 
  • 2D seismic reflection and seismic refraction to measure sediment thickness
  • Sub-bottom profiler, gravity, magnetics, sonobuoy (velocity information) and seabed sampling: Evidence to the contrary and supporting geological data. 

You can find more information about Gardline's UNCLOS and EEZ survey services by downloading our brochure below.

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