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Gardline provide its offshore renewables clients with a unique range of integrated survey services, as well as a global marine planning capability. Gardline has a complete package of qualified staff, vessels and equipment to acquire, store and analyse data providing quality reports. 

Marine Geophysical and Hydrographic Surveys

Gardline conduct geophysical and hydrographic surveys to study the seabed morphology to better understand the geological setting of potential wind farms. This involves data interpretation and processing, providing you with final reports and data visualisations, which may be used to identify hazards to construction and sensitive habitats and inform future geotechnical investigations. 

Geophysical survey services include:

  • Pre-consent geophysical site surveys
  • Export and inter-turbine cable route surveys
  • UXO Surveys
  • Post lay cable inspection and turbine scour surveys - ROV

Ground Modelling

Managing geotechnical risk for a proposed marine renewable development often involves creation of a Ground Model to identify potential geological and geotechnical hazards to installation and operation of the development. The Ground Model is a data base of information including structural geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and geohazards of a site which is used to direct investigations and inform design of the planned infrastructure. 

Gardline has expertise in creation and development of Ground Models in internationally recognised GIS formats, using data from a range of sources including academic, Government supplied data (eg BGS), geophysical and geotechnical survey results and adding overlays for geohazards/foundation layout/habitat type etc. 

Geotechnical site investigations

Gardline operate a fleet of fully equipped, geotechnical survey vessels. Experienced drilling crews, laboratory staff and engineers provide a wide range of offshore geotechnical data acquisition and analysis from shallow to deep waters. Packages can be tailored to meet a full range of seabed conditions from the site to the shoreline.

Geotechnical survey services include:

  • Deep and shallow PCPT and CPT testing. 
  • Geotechnical engineering and design
  • Borehole investigations. 

Environmental Services

Gardline routinely undertake large numbers of environmental surveys world-wide. Many of these incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach integrating geophysical, bathymetric, geotechnical and seabed photographic techniques. We also provide seabird surveys, Marine Mammal Observation (MMO) and passive acoustic monitoring services.

Environmental survey services include:

  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental statements. 
  • Marine Mammal Observation (MMO)
  • Marine Environmental surveys. 

Metocean Services

Gardline offer a valuable resource to all operators seeking to acquire meteorological and oceanographic data. Gardline operate many different types of shore, seabed and buoy mounted instruments, several with real-time data acquisition functionality. Whether the focus is wave climate, tidal or current conditions, sediment dynamics or meteorological factors, Gardline provide you with a practical solution. 

Crew transfer vessels

Gardline manufacture and operate a fleet of high performance catamarans for the wind farm sector. These vessels have been designed to a high specification and can be used in a wide range of roles, such as technician transfer for maintenance, Marine Mammal Observations and hydrographic surveys. We manage inshore and offshore vessels 24 hours a day with full support from our dedicated team of marine professional. 

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