Cone Penetration Testing

Cone Penetration Testing


Gardline provides expertise to the area of Cone Penetrometer and pore water pressure Testing (CPTU) and has lead to the development of in-house data acquisition and data management systems. The Company owns and operates a wide range of CPTU rigs with capacities ranging from 15kN to 200kN wheel drive systems and 30kN to 50kN coiled rod systems. This selection of CPTU’s gives our clients a range of options when deciding on the most effective tool for a project thus helping to obtain the highest data quality possible.

Cone Penetration Testing Data Sheets

For more information about our Cone Penetration Testing capabilities and equipment, please download any of our Cone Penetration Testing data sheets below. 

50kN CPT System    55kN Seabed Penetrometer    100kN CPT System

200kN Seabed Penetrometer    GTec CPT System     Neptune 3000 CPT System

Neptune 5000 CPT System    Dual Drive CPT System    Wireline CPT and Sampling Equipment

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