2D Seismic Geophysics

Gardline has extensive experience in the acquisition and processing of 2D seismic data and an acquisition capability on-board our owned and operated survey vessels. Gardline’s efficient modular design concept allows for rapid offshore re-configuration to meet different client requirements, eg. acquiring both seismic and site survey data on a single cruise. 

Several of our vessels have been installed with recent generation digital seismic streamers and recorders, which uniquely are combined with a range of other geophysical sensors to provide integrated survey capability. Our standard 2D seismic spread includes:

  • 1,950 cu. In. tuned Bolt airgun array with compressors and gun controller
  • 480 channel SeaMUX NTRS 6,000 digital hydrophone array and recorder
  • Source, streamer head and tailbuoy GPS positioning, streamer compasses for full cable modelling.
  • ProMAX seismic data processing/QC
  • Gravity and magnetics
  • Optional multi-beam bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling
  • In-house seismic data processing

The above minimum capability can be extended to meet client requirements.