Fish Spawning Ground and Population Surveys

We utilise a combination of acoustic data (swathe bathymetry and sidescan sonar), sediment sampling (to determine particle size distribution), seabed imagery and available literature on the tidal regime to assess the potential for fish spawning based on CEFAS guidelines. Reports incorporate seabed photographic stills, GIS plots (including bathymetry and seabed features), colour data plots, tabulated results and discussion. 

Environmental Impact Assessments

Fish population dynamics are investigated to characterise the baseline environment at proposed sites to produce Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), particularly for the aggregate and renewable sectors. We have experience in conducting epibenthic trawl surveys and incorporating results into a range of reports including integrated environmental characterisation reports and fisheries Environmental Statement chapters. 

Fish spawning ground surveys

Fish spawning ground surveys are undertaken to identify if sediment type and tidal dynamics are conducive to allow fish, such as herring, to spawn. Fish spawning surveys are a licensing requirement in areas identified by CEFAS/FRS prior to drilling activities being approved.

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