Marine Mammal Observation

Marine Mammal Observation


Our dedicated Marine Wildlife department can provide you with professional and experienced Marine Mammal Observation services, for use during a wide range of offshore industry operations. Through advice, consultation and observation, our MMO’s can help you to minimise the impact your operations have on the marine environment whilst ensuring that they are in adherence to environmental protocol and regulations. 

Experienced Marine Mammal Observers

Our MMO’s are all experienced marine mammal scientists, with extensive field experience, a good understanding of the practicalities of various seismic operations and expert knowledge of industry regulations within the survey area (which vary depending on location, season and type of seismic survey being conducted). Our MMO’s are all JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) and PSO (Protected Species Observers) qualified. 

Observation, analysis and reporting

MMO’s conduct dedicated watches for marine mammals prior to any use of seismic airguns and during recommended ‘soft starts’ (or ramp ups). They will identify and recommend action to be taken should animals be sighted within the ‘marine mammal safety zones’. Our MMO’s are able to offer data analysis and reporting on completion of each survey. 

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