Offshore Installation and Infrastructure Decommissioning

With many oil and gas fields approaching the end of their productive phases and renewable energy installations being constructed with short life-spans, the challenge of designing a compliant decommissioning programme is one that all developers will face. Whether it is a drill cuttings pile assessment that is required or an environmental monitoring survey, Gardline offers its clients a wealth of experience in the sector and has extensive knowledge of legislative guidelines such as those from the DECC, OSPAR and OLF.

Drill Cutting Piles

As an OSPAR regulatory requirement, prior to oil and gas platform decommissioning a full screening and monitoring assessment must completed for any drill cuttings piles present in order to ensure best environmental practice for their management. We have considerable experience in sampling cuttings piles with a purpose-built ROV corer, and handling highly contaminated sediment in a safe and efficient manner.

Core samples can be obtained from across multiple sediment horizons within the cuttings pile in order to characterise its physical and chemical composition, while shallow core samples can be used to investigate the faunal communities present.

Our fully accredited analytical laboratory services can offer a broad suite of sample analyses including grain size, particle density, hydrocarbons, metals, PCBs, radioactivity, endocrine disrupters and macrofauna. We can also provide survey designs that will assist in the delineation of any sediment contamination gradients radiating from the piles in order to inform your decommissioning programme and management strategy.

Pre and Post-Decommissioning Monitoring Assessments

OSPAR guidelines detail that comprehensive environmental monitoring needs to take place throughout the decommissioning process for offshore installations and infrastructure. Monitoring surveys pre and post-decommissioning should draw comparison with previously established environmental baseline data.

Our team’s experience in environmental survey planning and execution can help design your monitoring survey tailored to your needs. Whether it is a revisit to past surveys or a completely new environmental baseline assessment that you require, we can provide you with scientifically robust and compliant options to assist you in your decommissioning programme.

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