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Passive Acoustic Monitoring


Our dedicated Marine Wildlife department boasts a core acoustics team that has been providing underwater acoustics monitoring and mitigation services to the offshore energy industry since 2002, through the provision of Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems (PAMS) and trained operators. Since then, we have expanded to provide a variety of services, including static and towed surveys, noise monitoring and consultancy services. 

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Here at Gardline, we provide dedicated, experienced Passive Acoustic Monitoring operators and towed PAM arrays for mitigation during the use of noise sources, such as those used during seismic exploration surveys, explosives and pile-driving construction operations. Passive Acoustic Monitoring covers operations particularly when visibility is reduced, in increased sea state and during hours of darkness, to establish the presence of marine mammals prior to the activation of noise sources. PAM can also be used for marine mammal baseline surveys for environmental assessments and as a complimentary tool to marine mammal observations. 

Underwater Noise Monitoring

We have been carrying out Underwater Noise Assessments since 2008, for the full life cycle of projects. We provide scientifically robust studies to meet our clients requirements including: provision of instruments, experienced offshore acoustic technicians, impact assessment and comprehensive reporting. For underwater noise monitoring, we can provide two types of equipent, dependant on the scope of the survey required:

  • SOFAR System: Developed in-house by Gardline, this calibrated system is used to collect recordings of underwater sound from industrial processes such as wind farm pile driving, subsea drilling activities or aggregate extraction, as well as ambient noise measurements.  

SOFAR System

  • ARU (Autonomous Recording Units): Used for continuous recording of short events, or longer term recording via duty cycle sample recording. 

Static Monitoring Surveys for Marine Mammals

Static monitoring can be a cost effective tool in assessing the use of an area by marine mammals over long periods of time. In addition to the ARU's, we use CPOD's for odontocete monitoring. Out personnel are experienced in the operation of the device and interpretation of aquired data. 


Our experience in the marine survey sector allows us to provide expert consultancy for a wide range of projects within the offshore industries. Previous consultancy services have included creation of Marine Mammal Mitigation Plans (MMMP), review of ES chapters, specifications for noise monitoring and marine mammal acoustic surveys. 

Guess That Sound!

Why not have a go at our new game, Guess That Sound! All you have to do is match the picture, to the noise! All of the images and sounds in the game have been collected by Gardline staff, whilst carrying out marine mammal mitigation and passive acoustic monitoring services. Click HERE to play the game!

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