Deep Sea Capabilities

As Oil and Gas exploration moves into frontier regions of the globe the requirements for environmental surveys, of what are sometimes completely unknown habitats, becomes progressively more important.  Gardline are experienced in deep water surveys collecting quality video footage and sediment samples in water depths down to 6000m.  Our specialised equipment is ideally suited for operations in these water depths and surveys can be tailored to meet national and international legislation.

Seabed Imagery

Gardline own two deep water camera systems one for sampling in water depths down to 3000m and our latest system that was developed during 2012 and 2013 and has the ability to operate in depths as great as 6,000m.  Our deep water video/camera systems have the capability of incorporating our standard 5megapixel digital stills camera, our high definition video camera and a14 megapixel (minimum) high resolution stills camera. The combination of the high definition video with the high resolution stills camera produces exceptionally high quality stills and footage which can aid in the identification of flora and fauna.  These systems allow deepwater video monitoring down to 6000m without the need for expensive fibre optic cables; providing a cost effective method of surveying deepwater habitats. All systems are capable of either being fitted with red dot or green line lasers.

Seabed Sampling

Gardline can offer the USNEL Box Corer or the 12 barrel Megacore which are used worldwide for benthic surveys in deep water.  The Box Corer’s robust construction and large sampling area make this instrument ideal for sampling in deep-water environments.  The Megacore provides an efficient and effective way of collecting high quality undisturbed sediment samples and allows for multiple samples to be taken at any one time.

Water Sampling

Gardline have the capability for water sampling and profiling in deep water environments down to 6000m.  The 12 bottle Rosette Water Sampler can be integrated with our multi-parameter (pH, DO and turbidity) CTDs.   The integration of the CTD with the water sampler allows for specific water column features to be targeted whilst discrete water samples are collected at a variety of depths.

Deep Water Surveys

Gardline has extensive experience in deep water habitat assessments and seabed investigations conducting numerous surveys worldwide in waters around; the Falkland Islands, Turkey, the UK,  The Faroe Islands, Australia and Africa including Angola, Namibia, Morocco and Libya.  In addition to this we are experienced in benthic surveys within Norwegian waters.  These surveys focus on the identification and delineation of benthic habitats thought to be of significant environmental importance, such as cold water corals, sponges and Norwegian Red List species.  We have developed data collection techniques (utilising both our deep water camera systems and observation class ROV’s) and reporting deliverables to ensure we meet the Norwegian Standards EN 16260:2012 for visual seabed surveys, which are incorporated into a Seabed Investigation Report (SIR).

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