Benthic Macrofaunal Analysis

In accordance with OSPAR and other legislative drivers, analysis of benthic macrofauna is a vital component in environmental surveys for characterising the biological communities present. With all laboratories being members of the National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme (NMBAQC), Gardline can provide an analytical service of the highest standards.


Samples are routinely analysed from around the world by the laboratories in accordance with strict industry standards. All the laboratories used are participants in the NMBAQC Scheme which governs taxonomic standards in the UK. In addition to this, Gardline’s ISO 9001 quality control guidelines approve all data prior to despatch to our clients. Reference collections can readily be provided to our clients to accompany their reports and assessments.

Sabellaria spp.

The laboratories have particular experience in work on Sabellaria spp., a polychaete worm which forms biogenic reefs on the seafloor. We carry out analysis of Sabellaria spp. for both commercial and research projects, looking into community composition and life history of the species.

As well as macrobenthic invertebrate identification, other analytical services are also available depending on your specific requirements. The laboratories are able to provide a fish identification service, which can include both biometrics in the field and laboratory as well as fish gut content analysis Macroalgal identification can also be offered in the field if required.

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