Marine Pests and Biosecurity

The arrival of non-indigenous marine species on and in vessel hulls and aquaculture equipment can have massive and irreparable effects on marine environments, particularly in isolated areas.

Biosecurity Risk Assessments

Governments have imposed strict regulations with respect to the potential importation and spread of non-indigenous marine species (‘marine pests’). These regulations create a need to evaluate the ‘biosecurity risk’ posed, for instance, by vessels working in specific jurisdictions or for the movement of aquaculture equipment between regions. 

Gardline has the capability to undertake vessel and aquaculture risk assessments, inspections and, if necessary, coordinate vessel and equipment cleaning/disinfection. Our team has extensive experience and with teams of trusted dive subcontractors around the world, we can offer a rapid response capability across the globe.

Biosecurity Capabilities

Gardline can offer advice and guidance to operators of marine infrastructure to manage business risks associated with: 

  • Biosecurity risk assessment
  • Ballast water management
  • Biofouling management 
  • Vessel/equipment disinfection
  • Marine pest incursion response

The Gardline Marine Biosecurity team are ‘Approved’ by the Western Australia Department of Fisheries to conduct inspections of vessels and marine infrastructure for marine pests and have the expertise to provide comprehensive, ‘end to end’ marine biosecurity management services. 

You can find more information about Gardline's marine pest and biosecurity services by downloading our brochure below.

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