Monitoring Surveys

Gardline can offer a range of survey services to support inspection and condition monitoring for seabed infrastructure, including oil and gas platform foundations, spud can footprint surveys, windfarm turbine foundation and j-tube, cables and pipelines. 

Services offered include:

  • Scour Monitoring: High resolution multi-beam bathymetry and side-scan sonar surveys MBES around WTG foundations where tidal currents have removed material which might compromise the security of foundations and/or exposed cables. Results presented as 2D/3D images, maps and volumetric calculations of material moved. 
  • Burial Depth Surveys:
  • Seabed Surveys: Multi-beam and side-scan sonar surveys to detect cable exposure and measure depth of sediment cover over cable by comparison of seabed with previous surveys. 
  • ROV Surveys: Direct measurement of cable burial depth using ROV based tools such as TSS 440/350 and Innovatum Smartrak. DP vessel requried.