Seabed Habitat Assessment

Gardline can provide acoustically derived seabed discrimination as part of the acoustic survey information from data gathered by single and multi-beam echo sounders and side-scan sonars which can be used as input into one of a range of acoustic ground discriminationsystems (AGDS). Gardline own and operate systems and software (Fledermaus and Caris Geocoder) for processing the acoustic backscatter from multibeam echo sounders, enabling clients to gain another layer of information from the survey data, helping to build up a fuller picture of the underwater habitats. 

Results can be supplied both as processed acoustic data interpreted classification overlays in CAD and GIS formats. 

Once the initial seabed types or facies have been delineated, Gardline can provide a range of ground-truthing options. 

Habitat assessments have been acquired for a range of clients and objectives including Government sponsored survey for proposed marine protected areas, oil and gas client for planned drilling and development sites and pre-consenting surveys for offshore renewable energy projects.