Seabed Mapping

Offshore wind and wave energy developments are moving into increasingly hostile and remote locations, requiring comprehensive site and cable route investigation to support engineering design and environmental statements.

Dredging operations to support major coastal and port developments are becoming more complex, extending into deeper waters, as merchant vessels increase in size and pressure increases to extend land reclamation.

Customers for these and offshore aggregate concessions require detailed information on seabed and sub-seabed conditions to fine-tune dredging requirements.

Gardline provides seabed mapping and related services in shallow and deeper waters.

Services include:

  • Hydrographic and geophysical site and cable route surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Soil sampling surveys and testing
  • Route Engineering
  • Aggregate assessment surveys
  • Environmental and oceanographic studies & Environmental Impact Assessments

You can find more information about Gardline's seabed mapping services by downloading our brochure below.


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