Metocean Services



We provide a range of integrated metocean services covering fieldwork, desk studies, data analysis and modelling, helping our clients to gain an accurate understanding of the metocean environment. In doing so our clients are better able to realise reductions in costs through improved operations planning capability and increased engineering confidence. The heightened level of understanding of site conditions we are able to provide also aid in mitigating risks in safety and improving operational efficiencies. With a large inventory of owned equipment, and trained experienced specialists, we provide services both onshore and offshore, in deep sea and coastal environments, worldwide. 

We support clients in the oil and gas and offshore renewables industries, supporting our clients with engineering studies, coastal defence modelling and planning for deep water drilling. We do this using technologically advanced oceanographic and meteorological data collection and interpretation techniques on a bespoke basis. 


Metocean data can inform design parameters for nearshore and coastal construction projects, while real-time wave, current and tidal information is provided for installation and operational phases to optimise productivity and safety.  Measurement of currents can be undertaken using various different methods and instrumentation appropriate to end-user needs. Sampling regimes are designed to be cost-effective for the client, without reducing data quality.  

Our in-house developed ‘Oceans’ software suite enables harmonic analysis of tidal data to reduce observed data to predicted and residual tidal elevations. Predictions of tidal data can then be made in order to produce reporting outputs such as tide tables. We have extensive global experience in the use of industry standard instramnets used to measure waves, currents, temperature, water level, turbidity in surface following wave measurement, and the multi-role wave, tide and current measuring ADCP instruments. 

Real-time monitoring

There are several methods of delivering real-time oceanographic data to both onshore and offshore locations. We presently receive wave, current and weather data transmitted from remote instruments to our offices in the UK using HF radio, Iridium and Orbcomm satellite telemetry – this data can be redelivered to customer desktops, or as an alternative to point-to-point data delivery, We provide a web-enabled real-time data package,, with ‘live view’ and data download facilities on user-specific access privileges.


We can provide our clients with site specific weather forecasting, onshore and offshore, nationwide to worldwide. Your data is available in real time from any location, at any time from our in house client data portal. We collect your meteorological data using a range of techniques including traditional mechanical sensors to ultrasonic, Sodal and Lidar. Alter forecasts, location specific hindcasts and dedicated area forecasts can also be provided.  Our forecast services include wind and wave data from high resolution models, online password protected access to current and forecast weather/wave conditions and telephone and video conference support for critical operations.

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Metocean Services