Laura Jamieson - Marine Wildlife and Environmental

'Since joining Gardline in 2009 I've had many opportunities to develop my career. I joined the Marine Wildlife and Environmental department as a Field Environmental Scientist undertaking a wide range of offshore and coastal environmental surveys around the world. In this role I worked onboard most of the Gardline fleet and other third party vessels. Working with multiple nationalities and in highly diverse environments helped build my industry knowledge and skill set, enabling progression to the role of Senior Field Environmental Scientist.'

'Working on the Gardline vessels with very team-driven survey and marine crews whom all engage together to achieve project objectives has made the offshore experience enjoyable. It is through time working alongside professional and motivated geophysical engineering crew that I developed an interest in geophysical survey equipment and operations. Gardline is an excellent company for cross-departmental secondments and over the years much of my individual growth has been through these secondments. Undertaking Geophysical Engineering, Environmental Project Management, Environmental Report Writing, and Party Chief secondments with multiple training programs has helped develop my career at Gardline, enabling progression to my current role of Party Chief. I look forward to future challenges, opportunities for growth and am happy to be part of this organisation.'

Hayden Wright (CMIOSH) - Group HSSE Manager

'I have worked at Gardline since 2011, starting as an HSSE Advisor and have been given the opportunity to develop my career and work my way up to the position of Group HSSE Manager'.

'The company has always supported my development, funding a number of specialised qualifications or courses and has encouraged me to advance my professional skills. During my time at the company I’ve spent time offshore and on secondment to other departments to better understand our operations and this diversity and variety within Gardline has really benefitted me'.

'Working at Gardline has allowed me to travel all over the world, meet some fantastic people and the ever-evolving nature of our operations has made every day unique and enjoyable. I’m immensely proud to have been a part of nurturing the culture here to ensure safe and effective practices across our operations and my hope is that this will only continue in the future'.