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Gardline Awarded Contract for Geotechnical Study at IBERDROLA’s German Offshore Wind Farm

By - 02/08/2012 11:11

Gardline, along with GEO of Denmark, has been awarded a contract by IBERDROLA to conduct a full geological survey of the Baltic Sea area where the Wikinger offshore wind farm is to be located.


This is the first step taken by IBERDROLA, through its UK subsidiary ScottishPower, towards construction of the offshore wind farm in Germany - the largest project of its kind located at such depth (over 40 metres).


Gardline and GEO will carry out the geological seabed surveys in order to determine what type of foundations are required for the project. The findings will be used in foundation design for the wind turbines at the facility, which will be one of the world's largest deep-water wind farms with an investment of €1.6 billion. Its 80 turbines will give the wind farm a 400 MW capacity.


In an area of some 34 square kilometres, Gardline and GEO will employ specially designed vessels to take stratigraphic samples of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, requiring 63-metre boreholes to be drilled. They will also conduct seismic surveys using sound waves to determine the structure of the terrain.


Eric Zon, Managing Director at Gardline Geosciences Ltd, said: “Gardline has a strong track record in German and British offshore wind farms. It is very exciting to be involved in the largest deepwater offshore wind farm in Germany to date. We are looking forward to working together with Scottish Power/Iberdrola to provide a safe and efficient geotechnical drilling campaign.”


According to Keith Anderson, CEO of both ScottishPower Renewables and the Global Offshore Division of IBERDROLA, “the start of sub-surface drilling is a crucial stage of the project, enabling construction of one of the largest deep-water offshore wind farms in the world. The outcome of geotechnical testing will provide us with valuable data on the morphology of the seabed, which will directly affect the construction and design of the columns supporting the giant wind turbines”.


Jens Brink Clausen, Director of Marine Surveys at GEO, said: “We are delighted to be part of the team that will be helping to deliver this important offshore wind project. Over the next few months we will be applying our experience and expertise of marine survey work, to ensure that the right decisions about design and construction are made by the business.”

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