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Gardline Enhances Deepwater Sampling Capability

By - 20/02/2014 09:48

Gardline Environmental, a division of Gardline Marine Sciences, have recently expanded their deep water environmental sampling capability with the purchase a 12 barrel Megacore and a 12 bottle Rosette water sampler. 

The Megacore provides an efficient and effective way of collecting surface seabed samples. It gives Gardline the ability to collect high quality, undisturbed sediment samples and allows for multiple samples to be taken at any one time. The core tubes have a rapid retrieval rate and with sealed ends, which means that they can be recovered to deck without the threat of damage to the samples. The samples can later be analysed for a number of physico-chemical and biological parameters. 

Gardline have also purchased a 12 bottle Rosette Water Sampler which integrates in real time with their existing 6,000m multi-parameter (pH, DO and turbidity) Valeport CTD’s. The integration of the CTD with the water sampler allows for specific water column features to be targeted, and discrete water samples collected at a variety of depths.

Combined with the deep water camera capabilities that the division has, Gardline Environmental are now able to offer an all encompassing and scientifically robust suit of deep water environmental tools.  

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