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Gardline Environmental (New Zealand) Ltd successfully completed MMIA and mitigation in the Chatham Rise

By - 27/04/2016 10:58

Gardline Environmental (New Zealand) Limited (GENZL) was contracted in October last year to prepare the Marine Mammal Impact Assessment (MMIA) for a geophysical and geological scientific research survey being conducted by the Alfred Wegener Institute in collaboration with GNS Science. MMIAs are a requirement for most seismic surveys carried out in New Zealand waters and GENZL was delighted to receive positive feedback from the Department of Conservation for our MMIA:

‘This document is comprehensive, well-written, and covers an appropriate breadth of material.’  

On our beaked whale descriptions: ‘This is probably the best description of individual beaked whale species that I’ve seen in an MMIA, so well done.’

In addition to the provision of consultancy services, GENZL also provided a team of two Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and two Passive Acoustic Monitoring System Operators to implement the Marine Mammal Mitigation Plan drafted as part of the MMIA, as well as in-house built PAM equipment. The mitigation work was successfully completed at the end of March, with 46 sightings and seven acoustic detections. The mitigation team worked closely with the scientific crew, with our Iwi MMO being invited to provide informal Maori names to the seamounts discovered as part of the survey.

Our in-house Marine Acoustic Scientist is currently conducting the ground truthing of the predictive noise modelling undertaken as part of the MMIA.

Given the lack of previous marine mammal sightings in the Chatham Rise, GENZL is analysing the data for presentation at relevant conferences, with a view of increasing local knowledge on their presence and distribution.



For further information, please contact:

Joana Torres

T: +64 (0) 4 894 8569

Notes to Editors:

Gardline Environmental (New Zealand) Ltd (a Gardline Marine Sciences Company) is a leading marine contractor specialising in environmental, oceanographic, geophysical, hydrographic and geotechnical surveys.  The company provides a wide range of integrated marine science services including: 2D seismic exploration, 2D/3D high resolution data acquisition and interpretation, shallow gas hazard analysis, seabed mapping, shallow to deep water soil investigation, nearshore and coastal surveys, water flow measurement and water quality.

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