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Gardline complete successful jack up placements for Mexican operator.

By - 15/08/2016 11:29

Gardline, an international and multi disciplinary marine survey company, have been providing offshore geotechnical services and consultancy for a Mexican jack up rig operator. During 2016, Gardline (who hold more than 25 years offshore geotechnical experience) have assisted with 6 successful jack up designs and placements, as well as providing detailed installation hazard assessments, accurate leg penetration analysis and advice on operational challenges. Gardline provided key data which helped to identify any potential hazards both pre and post installation.

The operator contacted Gardline not only due to their expertise and experience in this field, but also their operational efficiency. Jack up rig operation rates are extremely costly, therefore operational efficiency is of the upmost importance. Gardline’s project turnaround was quick; they provided the initial leg penetration analysis within 24 hours of data receipt and a full installation report within 72 hours. Also, to further ensure the smooth running of the operation, Gardline issued all installation challenges and advice reports in Spanish.  

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