Gardline has over 30 years experience in marine environmental surveys worldwide, from shallow water estuaries to the deep sea continental margins and abyssal plains. Our extensive services include habitat classification and biotope mapping, environmental characterisation, baseline monitoring and decommissioning surveys, cold water coral mapping and geochemical surveys.

Gardline’s environmental services range from desk top studies, to project planning, field data collection, analysis and reporting, to the production of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports. Our services are employed by the oil and gas and renewable sectors worldwide, in addition to government agencies (including Defra and Cefas) and academic institutes.

We offer a unique survey capability that combines the acquisition of physical, chemical and biological data in one survey.

Integrated Survey

We offer a unique survey capability that combines the acquisition of physical, chemical and biological data in one survey. This capability draws on Gardline's considerable experience in marine geophysics, geotechnics, hydrography, marine biology and oceanography, combined with our fleet of fully equipped survey vessels, to provide an integrated survey and report that truly describes the marine environment. Alternatively, stand alone environmental surveys can be performed on both our fleet and third party vessels.

We pride ourselves on our ability to collect and analyse environmental samples from the harshest environments. Cold water coral surveys off the Norwegian coast are routinely conducted in line with Norwegian guidelines, specifically targeting the presence of Norwegian Red List species and habitats. Such investigations include capturing seabed imagery and video still images using ROVs and drop down camera systems, the later rated to over 6,000m, with high resolution and high definition cameras.

Our services

  • Environmental baseline surveys.
  • Habitat Assessment, classification and biotope mapping surveys.
  • Geochemical surveys.
  • Offshore installation and infrastructure decommissioning.
  • Benthic macrofaunal analysis.
  • Sediment PSA and chemical analysis.
  • Water quality & analysis.
  • Full ocean depth survey capability.
  • Full project lifecycle capability from survey design through to integrated Environmental reporting.
  • Experienced offshore, reporting and project management teams.

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